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Sunday, 23 February 2014

How to measure drawer slides

When making a new set of cabinets, or just modifying an old one, you will probably need to measure the drawers for new drawer slides

There are so many shapes of drawer slides and each with their own measurement for the drawer to fit properly. 

The do it yourself handyman could determine for drawer slides with just a tape measure, paper and pencil.


1. Open up the drawer of an old one cabinet and take it off to gain access to the face frame. The face frame is basically the wood on the front of the cabinet that the cabinet gates mount upon.

2. Keep a tape measure from the drawer opening and measure the cabinet's depth as well. The tape has to extend from the backside of the cabinet to the inside of the cabinet's face frame. 
This is the immense depth that your drawer hardware could be. Most of the drawer slides are created to work within 1/2 inch of this measurement.

3. Evaluate the height of the cabinet rough opening. Most drawer slides required at least of 1/4 inch lower the drawer and 1 inch on top of the drawer. If ordering for new drawers, the cabinet supplier will require this dimension.

4. Ensure the specifications for the drawer hardware that you are using for exact dimension needs.


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