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Monday, 10 February 2014

A Complete Guide to the Plastic Films - Detailed Information (Photos Included)

Its 2014, by the latest trends, fashion mags, blogs and news, we can clearly see where the world is moving towards; Customers seem to love material like leather and plastics and the reason is the ease and feel it gives. I have written about the stated material various times and i still am receiving the emails in which people want to know about how this works and the insight. I don't mind to write about it again so in this blog, i am going to write the detailed info about the pvc films and hope that this will add something to your previous knowledge.

source: gucci.com
Transparent films are made up of PVC material and they are heavily used in many different industries. Mostly in pharmaceuticals and packaging industries.

source (parada.com)

 It depends on softness and thickness that which sort of material is to be used in which purpose, for example if we want for pharmacy packing of capsules and tablets use then for its packaging we need rigid film which is harder then soft pvc film.

source: versace.com

source: versace.com

source: versace.com

Then on further uses, for packaging it is soft material and has lesser thickness and also it is not rigid, it has different varieties like normal clear sheet and super clear sheet, which defines itself through its name, and then the composite film which is made up from layers of transparent film, its thickness is very much as compared to soft film, because it is used for cold storage panel, so that coldness doesn’t come out if workers has a passage and we cannot have a hard door installed there, then we go for this film so that we can pass by without closing and opening.

The use of this plastic material is getting increased day by day and many developed countries like USA and Australia are also emerging towards the use of this material. If you talk about brands such as parada, Gucci or Versace. All these brands are moving towards the manufacturing of products that are not only stylish but also eco-friendly. 

So if you are a fan of these brands, then you better try the plastic material made products now.


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