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Friday, 30 May 2014

Home owners stunned; Found unusual ledges floating on walls.

While walking inside the house, has anyone noticed their house talking by itself! Recently a family was stunned by witnessing an unusual change inside their house.

While the family was out for shopping, a house owner surprised his family by renovating their house with unusual bits and pieces that were unseen unidentified for the rest of the house owners.

A family from a small town was so much mesmerized by these decorative pieces that he transformed his entire house into a piece of exhibition. The family guy did  not only garnish his house with remarkable pieces but he did also write the rest of the article which i was requested to post on my wall.  

The reason why i am writing this article is because i was taken back to buy these embellishments that blew my mind away. 'Floating Shelves', the widely used shelves these days, almost same as the traditional shelves but slight slimmer in design these shelves differ in their brackets. They don’t need any external support or bracket instead they have their internal factory fitted brackets which are invisible after the installation and that was the same feature that blew my mind away.


While surfing on the internet, anyone can easily find a bunch of floating shelf manufacturer (s) over the internet offering impressively competitive prices, sometimes even lesser than the retail prices. So if you are planning to buy a shelve for yourself make sure to look for floating shelves as well as they are something new and can attract your attention and influence your decision. 

Shelves are very useful if installed with proper procedures which i at my first practice was perfect executed the installation. Nowadays, people just use them for organizing their belongings while some use them just as a decoration equipment, not many people use them in which a way that they can carry out both the necessities. It’s not a science fiction kind of thing in installing the shelves; you just need a professional manual labor to do that work for you. However you can even install them by yourself if you are good in drilling and leveling the surface.

While looking for shelves you will find numerous manufacturers or suppliers over internet or in your local markets just like i found one floating shelf manufacturer online. But you need to be quite cautious while making the purchase because not everyone of them is offering the right quality. I have personally seen many suppliers in my country offering pathetic quality shelves in cheap prices; their target is just to draw the attention of the customers because of the lower price. The quality of the chipboard or medium density fiberboard (mdf) used by such suppliers are not durable and are easily damageable. 

If you are looking for some quality shelves then make sure to survey the market of take advice of your friends or relatives who have already purchased the one for themselves. Personally I would recommend trying the products of Welland, I would rate it as one of the leading floating shelves suppliers available in the market both in terms of price and off course the quality. Or if you don’t wish to import and feel comfortable in buying the one from your local market then make sure you have the enough knowledge to differentiate between the good and the bad.

Foshan Welland


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