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Friday, 22 August 2014

A guide about the softness of pure water - Shine Dew Water

The hardness of the impure water and presence of chemicals in it make it impure and unable to use for drinking and industries to proceed for food making mostly. The hard water contains lime in it and the removal of this lime is called softening of water. 

 This is of immense importance after water analysis process.  More the lime present in water, more it is hard and almost useless. 

To remove the hardness of water with water softener the technique developed by experts is called Ion exchange in which Calcium and Magnesium is drawn out of water. When the water is soft, calcium material gets reduced and replaced by Sodium. 

Moreover the hardness of water is replaced by Sodium which if increased water softness further increases and then the technique which is applied is called Reverse Osmosis, this water is used for baby drinking because of its quality and property of being soft.

Shine Dew Water


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