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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cover your Footsteps with composite flooring materials - A Junteng Plastics Guide

PVC sheets have been popular as flooring material due to their fine texture and outer finish. These flooring materials are said to be an ideal choice for modern architecture. Nowadays, Interior designers and mostly house owners are showing their interest in the application of PVC flooring sheets because this flooring material provides both clean edge surface and durable structural flooring to any architecture. Just like PVC sheets, PVC tiles are also widely used for flooring applications.  
 Difference between PVC tiles and sheets
The diversity between PVC flooring material is PVC sheets and PVC tiles. Before making any decision, choose either you want to install PVC sheets or PVC tiles for your flooring. In the category of PVC tiles peel and stick tiles are easy to install. The best thing about PVC tiles is that every single tile is backed with an adhesive material which provides ease and support in their installation process. These tiles can easily be installed by simply pressing from the back onto the floor.
Now it is obvious that a certain question may surface in your mind;  

What are the advantages of PVC flooring tiles? Well, they are numerous.
PVC flooring tiles with their application, offer a number of advantages. The first and foremost advantage is their cost that includes both purchasing and installation cost. PVC flooring tiles are very low in cost as compared to any other composite material. Not only that, PVC flooring tiles offer ease of replacing every individual tile, saying that these tiles can even be laid in a shorter period of time. 

PVC floorings can also be distinguished with their diverse qualities. It has been observed by many house owners and interior designers that low quality PVC tiles can only last for less than 10 years while on the other side, higher quality PVC flooring tiles can offer longer life period and in some cases manufacturers are seen to offer warranties for their flooring materials for more than 30 years.

Are these flooring sheets easy to clean?
Cleaning these flooring sheets is very handy and convenient. These flooring sheets can easily be cleaned with a broom, dusting mop or any kind of vacuum cleaner. It is a better idea to occasionally mop your flooring sheets. Many manufacturers suggest cleaning these composite materials with proper care. 

The more these composite materials are provided with care more are chances that these PVC sheets will last for a longer period of time.


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