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Monday, 27 January 2014

Experiencing Leather Products such as Handbags, Design and color | Customer Review

I started writing this blog related to the topic of making your house looks beautiful and eventually many of my readers, friends and followers love the posts and found all the blogs very helpful. 

I have not only talked about the does and don'ts but also featured the manufacturer of leather products as well as furniture accessories suppliers such as Foshan Gaoming Junteng Company and Welpo Industrial Company

Many of the users who read my blogs went to these websites and it turned out to be very handy for them, they bought several products that they wanted to purchase. In this blog, i am going to share the experience of one of my reader who recently purchased leather stuff and is very happy about the overall experience.

Experience regarding Junteng products:
Today I want to thank you because of your blogs i was able to purchase some quality products and now i feel like writing my experience after using some products of a Chinese company which is in Foshan city. My experience was really good and it was according to my expectations as I expected that their products will fulfill my required quality.

First of all PVC leather and PU leather of this company Junteng Plastics was really workable for me, their PVC is thick and up to the quality but I think it should be soft like PU, because for making purses of pvc leather, I think it should a bit soft.

Well, the designs I loved the most were snake and crocodile skin design with such beautiful colors, because they have a huge variety of designs, pattern and colors. Their bright colors are very attractive, and I like bright colors.

Junteng Plastics PVC film was a very good experience and I used is for making handbags, its clarity is up to the standard and they have different PHR which is the hand feeling of this material, and the quality was good but it would be better if more strength is added in the film so that it would become strong and won’t get torn easily, so that it would be able to carry heavy good to carry in a bag.

End Note:
Just like John, you guys can also send me your feedback or reviews and even suggestions if you want on my email.
Stay Blessed ! CYa


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