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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Main types of PVC and Films

Okay, so now you people know about bathroom styles and how you can make your Bathroom and other furniture looks beautiful, its time to go into the details of other products that we use for the packaging and stuff. Through my research, i got to know that the use of Poly vinyl chloride (usually termed as PVC) in our daily life is getting increased day by day and the reasons are many. The main product that is PVC Synthetic Leather is used in most of the things that we wear and use in casual way. Mobile covers and leather wrist watches are the supreme example of such products. I have seen it myself that people tends to buy watches that are made of leather instead of some other material. The reason for the popularity of the synthetic leather could be the cheap products prizes with relatively better quality. 

Another important factor in the popularity of Synthetic leather products  is that they are easily available everywhere and many wholesale suppliers and manufacturers of leather products are focusing on expanding their businesses by adding varieties of products that use this material. Similar to PVC leather, there are various types of films that can be used for packaging the food and other small items. Color films and PVC Transparent film are the two important types and the demand of both these types is very high so as the supply. In my this blog, i will cover the basics and simple information about Transparent films so that most of you guys can get an idea about the material and how we can utilize this product the best way.

Basics about Transparent Film:

In today’s world the most important and beneficial invention was plastic, which has been further used and made into different forms which has really helped the people and environment. PVC transparent film is a polyvinyl chloride material which is used in many various things in our life. It is a material which starts from thin to thick variety and which changes the uses of this products.


PVC transparent film is a material which is mostly starting from 0.07mm to 2mm and its PHR is from 32 to 50. So the thickness and thinness of this material is very much varying on the variety and uses. If we want to use is for the copy cover and packaging material then we need flexible film which has less PHR and less thickness. For covering table and other material we can have more thickness and more PHR level.


PVC transparent film has two main types and then sub-types, but the two main types are PVC clear film and PVC rigid film. In PVC clear film it is flexible and in the rigid film the micron are more so the film become stiff and it is hard. When we buy a shirt, we see a rigid film sheet in the collar, that is the rigid film and when it is PVC clear film it is not stiff and the same thickness is flexible and can be used for packaging and copy covers and etc.

Moreover, the use of PVC transparent film is increasing day by day due to the awareness about this product because now the consumers are searching and getting information. 

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